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Do you know why women forget to show appreciation to themselves ?

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Women forget to show appreciation to themselves.

Today, everything we do, we expect it to be par excellence. Anything less just doesn’t cut it for us; be it office work, the multiple roles we play, our looks, our weight, the party that we want to host. It all has to be perfect! We run behind perfection in order to feel “good enough”, capable, worthy. Unfortunately , the concept of “perfectionism”, is like a mirage, a distant shiny image of something, we believe we need in order to survive. The more you run towards it, the further it moves away, you are always chasing it.

Such a goal, only leads to feeling low and less about yourself. It makes you depreciate all the wonderful things you may have done in life and makes your achievements look bleak. Achievement is not only based on the outcome. Achievement can be looked at, as the ability and willingness to act in helpful and solution-oriented ways, irrespective of the outcome. So let’s take a step out of this never ending web and appreciate ourselves for all the amazing things we have made efforts towards.

1) Be proud of yourself for juggling the multiple roles you do as a woman. 2) Don’t forget the moments where you stood up for yourself or others. 3) Appreciate yourself for doing all that you could, with the limitations imposed on yourself. 4) Be happy at the person you are and having the ability to evolve. 5) Take a moment to think of all the situations in which you had presence of mind and were able to find solutions. 6) Pat your back for taking a leap of faith in life in which ever situation you did. 7) Feel humbled for having the ability to help your loved ones and friends, in their time of need. 8) Feel thrilled at your capability of being able to love, fall and still love again. 9) Be thankful for being able to forgive and move on, making your own life better. 10) Smile because you are strong enough to have gotten through, during the hard times. 11) Treasure yourself for being able to do the best that you can for a better life. 12) Be proud of waking up in the mornings on time, even though its was “one of those blue days”! 13) Don’t forget about the chores you do, even though you don’t like them. 14) Stand strong for the resilience you’ve showed in your life during problematic times. 15) Love yourself, for striving to become the best version of yourself as much as you can. 16) Cheer for yourself for being polite and civil to the people who get on your nerves. 17) Be happy because you allow yourself cheat-days and leeway! 18) Acknowledge your zest for life and not giving up, even when it feels like you want to! 19) Appreciate yourself for making mistakes and learning from it, even though it may sometimes you may end up repeating it. 20) Be thankful for all your abilities and strengths.

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